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Year 2022

9/01/2022: For the Undine Project--Exploring Imagines of the Feminine through Art
9/01/2022: articles\books.html
9/01/2022: An Interview with the Author
8/31/2022: A selection from Mermaids, Sylphs, Gnomes, and Salamander
8/31/2022: The Element of Water - A Few Meditations and Descriptions
8/31/2022: Session 3, part 4: Letter A on the Akashic Plane
8/31/2022: The Element of Air: Additional Reading
1/28/2022: articles\pictures.html

Year 2021

7/05/2021: Top Ten Reasons Magicians Try to Never Marry a Mermaid
6/14/2021: Rule 3: Binah, Saturn; Justice, Enlightenment- understanding how the universe works.

Year 2017

5/04/2017: Epitaph for Homo sapiens

Year 2016

3/24/2016: articles\audio.html
1/15/2016: Flirtation

Year 2015

12/08/2015: Donald Trump’s Aura Readout

Year 2014

12/16/2014: Ten Signs Your Second Chakra (Svadhisthana) Is Becoming Activated
12/12/2014: Casual Encounters
12/12/2014: Chakras Supplemental
12/08/2014: Signs You Are Opening Your First Chakra (Muladhara)
11/30/2014: Sixteen Signs You Are Opening Your Throat Chakra (Vishudda)
11/19/2014: Ten Signs You Are Opening Your Third (Manipura) Chakra
9/05/2014: Top Ten Reasons A Man Should Not Marry A Mermaid

Year 2013

12/23/2013: Do you know how to become a mermaid?
8/24/2013: Your Chakras
7/06/2013: The Realm of the Sylphs-The Air Spirits

Year 2012

12/27/2012: Top Ten Advantages of Being Married to a Fire Spirit

Year 2011

7/14/2011: Ten Things About Mermaid Women
6/04/2011: Mentifil's Domain
6/04/2011: articles\links.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g4b.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g4c.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g3b2.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g4.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g3f.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g3c.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g3cc.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g3a.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g3b.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g3.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g2a.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g2b.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g1.html
6/04/2011: articles\game/g2.html
6/04/2011: Saturn Spirit Evocation - For the Chief Justice of Saturn
4/14/2011: Top Ten Signs You Are A Human Being
4/01/2011: Essay -- The Earthzone as a Spiritual University
3/28/2011: Top Ten reasons mermaids fall in love with men
3/18/2011: The Song Of The Universe
3/18/2011: Is Iran About to Test a Nuclear Bomb In North Korea
3/18/2011: I woke up in the middle of last night and started writing this poem
3/18/2011: Note: a Christian woman in college sent me ten questions to answer for her class
3/15/2011: Body Awarenss - daniel
3/03/2011: Top Ten reasons mermaids fall in love with men
3/03/2011: Top Ten Signs of a Genuine Spiritual Community
3/03/2011: On Trolls
3/03/2011: Top Ten Reasons Franz Bardon Students Do Not Totally and Completely Master Chapter Three in Initiation into Hermetics
3/03/2011: Top Ten Reasons Sauron’s Ring of Power is Not the Magician’s Quintessence of Wisdom
2/20/2011: Notes from the Other Side
2/07/2011: From the Saturday Night Magical Comedy Theater's Pop Quiz for Magicians
2/07/2011: From Letters to Mermaids
2/03/2011: The Battle Hymn of Those Who Create Peace
2/01/2011: Poor Donovan
2/01/2011: Hey Bill, I've had a problem for the last 4 or so months
2/01/2011: On Magical Bonds With Mermaids
1/31/2011: The Mint Tea Dream
1/30/2011: On-Going Notes on the Next Race That Replaces Human Us
1/30/2011: The Race that Replaces Human Beings
1/30/2011: From Letters to Mermaids:
1/28/2011: The Undine Queen Isaphil
1/27/2011: (It took me over a year to just get my physical therapist to talk to me even she was my OT during 17 sessions
1/26/2011: A Study of Water and the Magnetic Fluid
1/24/2011: And now for a little ego inflation
1/22/2011: (And now on the lighter side)—
1/12/2011: Short Autobiography
1/12/2011: Do you work with empathy initially before beginning to work with a political figure?
1/12/2011: Here is the deal
1/04/2011: The Mermaid Assassin
1/01/2011: The River Mermaid
1/01/2011: And now a word concerning the nature of time
1/01/2011: Shiva and Shakti--a master/student dialogue, with a touch of Monty Python

Year 2010

12/30/2010: Loren Wilder wants my thoughts on evolution.
12/29/2010: Question: My girl friend no longer wishes to talk to me.
12/27/2010: The Serpent Power for Dummies
12/24/2010: The Ghost of Christmas Future
12/23/2010: On Love--a short video
12/23/2010: Its time for parties and sacred celebrations
12/21/2010: articles\2010/2010_12_21.html
12/20/2010: The Sportsman
12/19/2010: N. and S. Korea on the brink
12/18/2010: And peace shall flow like a stream - poem
12/15/2010: Traits of Mermaid Women
12/05/2010: The Cosmic Letter U - A Novice Kabbalist Shares a Poem
11/30/2010: Response to a question concerning the different aspects of active listening
11/30/2010: Recently, while vacationing in Africa .....
11/29/2010: How do you deal with individuals who are strongly attached to an ideology and can not accept another?
11/28/2010: The Mermaid Project
11/26/2010: Said the Joker to the Thief
11/23/2010: Saturn to Include
11/21/2010: Tantra, Androgyny, and Magic
11/18/2010: Where is this Manual of Saturn you quote from?
11/15/2010: From the Story, The River Mermaid
11/14/2010: Yvonne--"I want to learn magic."
11/12/2010: A Hymn to Divine Providence
11/07/2010: Well, basically, you sit down for three hours with a cup coffee."
10/16/2010: From The Manual of Saturn, Chapter Two
10/15/2010: Beatitudes for Facebook
10/12/2010: Ondine Movie Spoiler: The girl the fisherman finds in his net appears to be a selkie--a seal that becomes human by shedding its skin
10/06/2010: The Gate
10/05/2010: In regard to the question of karmic limitations on discussing the mermaid realm.
9/28/2010: Open Letter to the Dalai Lama
9/28/2010: The ghost of Christmas future
9/25/2010: Ahmed the Wizard
9/25/2010: The Feminine Mysteries
9/13/2010: The Changeling
9/13/2010: 6/8 I finished reviewing this file on Ronda Story Notes
8/23/2010: Pastor Bob and the Mermaid
8/20/2010: On Mermen
8/17/2010: Gender Issues and Mermaid Women
8/14/2010: Custodian of the Mermaid Archives
8/08/2010: Re:Abra question on seahags
8/06/2010: The Ocean of Love Exercise
8/04/2010: Toward the Realm of the Undines
8/04/2010: The Double Changeling
8/04/2010: The Wonders and Dangers of Fairy Realms
8/04/2010: Epilogue - The Modern Fairy Tale
8/04/2010: On William Mistele: Travel Notes by Richard Grossinger, publisher of North Atlantic Books.
7/30/2010: Airplane Pilot Mermaid
7/28/2010: Caelius Aurelius Luscus and the Mermaid
7/22/2010: My first memory was of being at the Llikai Hotel in Waikiki
7/14/2010: In the beginning,
7/14/2010: I wrote this while asleep, in a dream
7/06/2010: Mermaids Among Us
6/22/2010: Poem--meditation on a woman
6/13/2010: articles\2010/2010_06_13.html
6/13/2010: Growing Up Mermaid
5/28/2010: articles\2010/2010_05_28.html
5/25/2010: The poem for the mermaid girl
5/20/2010: An Alchemical Dialogue — On Bardon Breathing and “Romasara”Introduction
5/18/2010: An Alchemical Story
5/11/2010: Chapter Ten: On-Line Undine Empathy
5/09/2010: Master, my soul is torn and my heart is at war with itself
5/08/2010: On Attaining Physical Immortality, Part II
5/01/2010: I hear many streams across the islands as if they are suddenly near
4/29/2010: Story on Kathyrn
4/21/2010: Interview with a Hard Core Mermaid Woman
4/19/2010: Breath
4/16/2010: Introduction: Just a playful series of dialogues regarding love and magic and the path to perfection
4/16/2010: Conversation: On Relationships with Men
4/11/2010: Changeling Transcript Three
4/08/2010: Water Exercise
4/08/2010: On the Next Race that Replaces Human Beings
4/08/2010: Kirsten Poem Two
3/31/2010: Transcripts Older
3/31/2010: The Cosmic Letter B
3/28/2010: Changeling Transcript One: Ocean meditations
3/28/2010: The Cosmic Letter C
3/23/2010: The Cosmic Letter L
3/18/2010: Put in preliminary exercises: empty mind, mirroring objects, people, being an Akashic empty void, etc
3/16/2010: My Physical Therapist—A Mermaid Woman
3/03/2010: “Master,” Karl exclaimed
2/26/2010: Mermaid Women and Istiphul’s Empathy
2/23/2010: Chapter Nine
2/13/2010: Job Openings — Divine Missions Available
For Divine Missions--Job Positions Now Available
1/27/2010: Amtophul—salamander
1/02/2010: Large 19th century machines, more on flying saucers, another festival in background, more college images, Baka uses a kind of
1/02/2010: Twenty-Five Earthzone Spirits
1/01/2010: On Attaining Physical Immortality — An Introduction to Bardon’s Breathing Exercises

Year 2009

12/19/2009: Absalom, Mars, 1-10 degrees Capricorn
12/04/2009: Chapter Eight: the Undine Isaphil
9/07/2009: Chapter Seven: Review
8/22/2009: Week Six: Mermaid-Human Interactions
8/13/2009: Week Five: The Magnetic Fluid Exercise
8/09/2009: Week Four: Ocean of Love Exercise
8/07/2009: Week Three: How Undines Feel and Perceive Water
8/06/2009: I was born in Detroit, Michigan
8/06/2009: Chapter Two: Magical Empathy
7/28/2009: Lesson One: Active Listening
7/26/2009: Prajnaparamita Mediation Poem
7/25/2009: On the Future
7/25/2009: Questions and Answers: On the Magical Empathy Exercise
7/23/2009: Love is and remains the highest magic on earth
7/20/2009: Double Changeling
7/20/2009: Seven Aspects in the Genre of a Modern Fairy Tale
7/18/2009: Beauty is a most remarkable thing
7/17/2009: The disciple: hanging out with Bardon, a really powerful etheric body
7/17/2009: Ordinary, Magical, and Undine Empathy
7/17/2009: A Question and Answer Relating to Beginning Practice and Undines
6/22/2009: Atlantis and the Curse Placed upon the Human Race
6/19/2009: Neptune’s Dream
6/15/2009: Once Before
6/15/2009: I want you to become the sea
6/04/2009: Happiness
5/30/2009: Interview with an Undine in Human Form
5/22/2009: One Day
5/21/2009: The Merman Ermot
5/14/2009: Sylphs, Gnomes, and Salamanders: A Brief Summary
5/12/2009: Job Openings — Divine Missions Available
5/10/2009: Undine Skit
5/08/2009: Entering the White Light
4/30/2009: Wendy Nicole
4/16/2009: The Stream
4/10/2009: Channeling an Undine
4/09/2009: Advice to a Young Model
4/04/2009: A Quick and Easy Guide to the Five Elements
3/27/2009: Asmodel - second spirit of Jupiter
3/27/2009: Istiphul's Personality
3/20/2009: The River Nile
3/10/2009: A Conversation with the Undine Isaphil
3/07/2009: Akashic - Saturn and the Chief Judge of Saturn
3/07/2009: The spirit of 26 degrees in Virgo in the earthzone relating to mental health and clarity of mind
3/05/2009: Ambriel, A Jupiter Spirit Channeling Gemini
3/04/2009: Anator of Mars, 1-10 degrees Aquarius
3/01/2009: To Eva Cassidy
2/17/2009: Nuclear fusion and requisites
2/13/2009: Poems by the Merman Ermot
2/10/2009: Poem by a Female Gnome Magician
2/10/2009: A Song for the Forty-Nine Judges of Saturn
2/08/2009: A Brief Saturn Meditation and the Idea of a Referee which derives from this sphere
2/07/2009: Notes on “Pigios,” the spirit of 15 degrees Gemini, “Patron of all Poets on Earth”
2/06/2009: What is it to be a female gnome
2/05/2009: Pigios, 15 degrees Gemini, Patron of Poets
2/04/2009: I rafted down this river
2/04/2009: She: How can I ease your pain
1/25/2009: Exercises for Exploring Water and the Magnetic Fluid -- from Basic Exercises
1/18/2009: The Venus Spirit Pomanp, # 84, 3-6 degrees Pisces
1/16/2009: To Eva Cassidy (singing Fields of Gold)
1/13/2009: The High Priestess Elena
1/02/2009: Master Wu

Year 2008

12/29/2008: In the third year of the reign of King Cyrus
11/30/2008: Harahel, the 59th spirit of Mercury
11/29/2008: I awoke last night and wrote this poem, one of a series of fifteen poems on undines
11/14/2008: Lunar Zone, 9th Mansion, Emzhebyp
10/31/2008: There comes a time when the white knight
9/25/2008: Commentary
9/22/2008: A sailor saw a naked woman one day
9/19/2008: The Dance of the Sea,
9/13/2008: Make Me a Farmer
9/08/2008: Hagiel - The chief spirit of Venus
8/31/2008: The Knight and the Dragon
8/26/2008: A Brief Encounter in the Hollywood Hills (on a playful note)
8/22/2008: The question has been put to me by those in authority,
8/18/2008: Sadness
8/14/2008: St. Patrick and the Undine Queen
8/12/2008: St. Columba and the Undine
8/07/2008: What Christ was saying in the sermon on the Mount from one point of view was totally shocking
8/07/2008: These revised or rewritten beatitudes are from a screenplay I am
7/04/2008: An angel appeared to Jacob
7/01/2008: New and Old Undine Poems (and a "casting call")
2/09/2008: Letters to Young Disciples/Ten Rules for Spiritual Seekers/

Year 2007

12/09/2007: The Cosmic Letter CH - Love is a pilgrim journeying through a land of ancient shame, unbearable pain, and yet never-ending wonder; because it will never be satisfied until it is one with another
10/28/2007: The Cosmic Letter U
10/15/2007: The Cosmic Letter J
10/07/2007: The Cosmic Letter A, Part II and the sylph Parahim
8/28/2007: Problems in the Study of Magic, Part V
8/28/2007: The Cosmic Letter J
8/19/2007: The Cosmic Letter J
8/13/2007: The Cosmic Letter W
7/05/2007: Problems in the Study of Magic, Part IV: Using Magic to Make Things Happen—A Study of the Electric Fluid
7/05/2007: The Cosmic Letter G
6/11/2007: Problems in the Study of Magic, Part IV: Using Magic to Make Things Happen—A Study of the Electric Fluid

Year 2006

12/23/2006: Visiting the Spheres
4/10/2006: TALK SHOW RADIO
3/26/2006: TALK SHOW RADIO #2
2/15/2006: Under Problems in the Study of Magic, Part III—the Magnetic Fluid

Year 2005

12/25/2005: A Pop Quiz for Magicians, Parts I-XIII (from Intro to Magic 101), Plus FAQ and Bio (at the end)
12/25/2005: A Pop Quiz for Magicians, Parts I-XII (from Intro to Magic 101), Plus FAQ and Bio (at the end)
12/25/2005: A Pop Quiz for Magicians, Parts I-XI (from Intro to Magic 101), Plus FAQ and Bio (at the end)
12/25/2005: A Pop Quiz for Magicians, Parts I-XI (from Intro to Magic 101), Plus FAQ and Bio (at the end)
8/19/2005: Body Awareness Meditation

Year 2004

12/18/2004: Archetypes/The Story of Eros and Psyche
11/13/2004: On Christianity and Judaism

Year 2003

3/22/2003: Problems in the Study of Magic, Part II, Or,

Year 2002

4/14/2002: How a Womanizer Became Enlightened
1/15/2002: Planetary Spirits
1/04/2002: Refer also to my Introduction to Fairy Tales on my web site

Year 2001

12/15/2001: McKee on Story Telling
10/28/2001: Problems and Difficulties in the Study of Magic
10/26/2001: The Witness 2 for Word
7/22/2001: The Cosmic Letter OE
7/16/2001: Kamhia, A Story Told in Five Parts
5/11/2001: A Few Questions and Answers
3/06/2001: Aduachiel -- the Head of Jupiter in Sagittarius
3/03/2001: The Presence of God, Part III
1/09/2001: Four Levels to Finding the Presence of God

Year 2000

12/11/2000: The Presence of God, Part I
12/05/2000: Lugnas, the Peacemaker
12/01/2000: The Prophet A’ia
11/29/2000: Komio: The Master Thief
11/10/2000: The Philosopher’s Stone
9/15/2000: St Columba - Christianity has transformed the world in part through the compassion of its practitioners
8/28/2000: The following essay is the introduction to my book, Twenty-Five Earthzone Spirits
8/11/2000: Acknowledgment
7/03/2000: EMNASUT, #1 SUN SPIRIT
7/03/2000: The Lunar Spirit Emvatibe
7/03/2000: Meditations with Isaphil
4/29/2000: Travel Guide to Life -- A Workbook
4/29/2000: A Magician’s Journal
1/01/2000: The Cosmic Letter K
1/01/2000: Brief Concentration Exercises
1/01/2000: The Neanderthals and the Archangel Michael
1/01/2000: Cigila, 28 degrees Pisces, Divine Virtues and Missions.
1/01/2000: Notes from the Other Side -- Six Meditations I did today (five on actual people)
1/01/2000: I received a question through email which I will summarize below.
1/01/2000: INTRODUCTION to the book, Sylphs, Undines, Gnomes, and Salamanders.

Year 1999

11/29/1999: Transcendence, Part II
10/12/1999: Visiting the Earthzone
3/04/1999: For Lahe'ena'e Gay
1/01/1999: Swords into Plowshares -- an interview with Isaiah the prophet and one of the two witnesses mentioned by John in chapter 11 of his Revelations.
1/01/1999: The Cosmic Letter UE
1/01/1999: Chapter 2, Physical Level Exercises
1/01/1999: Chapter 2, Physical level. Extended Commentary
1/01/1999: Chapter 3, Physical Level Exercise: Pour Breathing and Accumulating Energy
1/01/1999: Chapter 3, Mental Exercises--Concentrating on Two or Three Senses at once.
1/01/1999: Alosom -- A Spirit of Silence
1/01/1999: Introduction to Faery Tales and Elemental Beings
1/01/1999: Idida of Mars.
1/01/1999: Chapter 3, Psychic Level--Accumulating and Dissolving the Four Elements
1/01/1999: God's Presence and Hermetic Metaphysics
1/01/1999: Ugolog -- A Spirit of Prophecy, Earthzone 25 degrees Pisces
1/01/1999: Achaiah, the 7t spirit of the sphere of Mercury
1/01/1999: Obideh of the Venus Sphere
1/01/1999: Meditating with Aphtiph on Absolute Faith, Will, and Power
1/01/1999: 3. Transferring Consciousness into People.
1/01/1999: Chapter 4, Mental Level: Transference of Consciousness into Objects, Animals, and Human Beings
1/01/1999: Romasara, 8 Degrees Leo in the Earthzone, On Pranayama

Year 1998

5/01/1998: Four points for internalizing the gnome Erami's consciousness.
4/26/1998: Finding the Undine in Yourself: Isaphil's Meditation on Water
4/13/1998: articles\game/g3d1.html
4/11/1998: The Gnome Erami
4/11/1998: I am the Wolverine
4/11/1998: Asmodel of Jupiter: A Meditation for Creating Spiritual Community
4/08/1998: Mull Island Stone. The stones contain Bardon's cosmic letters.
4/05/1998: Basic Exercises in Franz Bardon system
3/31/1998: A World Peace Meditation Relating to India and Pakistan
1/01/1998: The Cosmic Letter M
1/01/1998: Focusing and Transpersonal Psychology Magick
1/01/1998: Magical Game/Quest
1/01/1998: Bagoloni--A Master of Telepathy
1/01/1998: Radina--A Divine Healer
1/01/1998: The Dialogue Method with a Cottonwood Tree
1/01/1998: articles\game/g3e.html
1/01/1998: articles\game/g3d.html
1/01/1998: Emrudue, the Head of the Seventh Moon Mansion
1/01/1998: Evocation of Ebvep, Head of the Eleventh Moon Mansion
1/01/1998: The Story of Creation
1/01/1998: On Transcendence
1/01/1998: Finding Akasha in Yourself--A Brief Outline in Four Steps
1/01/1998: Initiation into Hermetics, Chapter 2, Mental Level
1/01/1998: Jachil, third degree of Cancer.
1/01/1998: Melamo, 2 degrees Capricorn
1/01/1998: Tagora, 18 degrees Scorpio
1/01/1998: Second Chapter Psychic
1/01/1998: Jvar, 3 degrees Leo
1/01/1998: From The Evocation of Chimrigu, 23 degrees Aquarius
1/01/1998: From the Salamander Itumo
1/01/1998: For the Archangel Gabriel (Lunar Sphere), Part I
1/01/1998: For the Archangel Gabriel, Part II
1/01/1998: Finding Saturn in Yourself
1/01/1998: Introduction to Fire
1/01/1998: The Salamander Pyrhum
1/01/1998: The Undine Istiphul
1/01/1998: Initiation into Hermetics, Chapter 1, Magic Psychic Training: Mirrors of the Soul
1/01/1998: Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon--A Commentary
1/01/1998: Initiation into Hermetics, Chapter 1, Physical Level
1/01/1998: Negative Spirits or the Dark Side of the Force
1/01/1998: Teaching Methods, Initiation, and Esoteric Traditions
1/01/1998: Introduction to the Psychology of the Four Elements

Year 1997

1/01/1997: Mars Spirit Evocation
1/01/1997: The Sylph Parahim
1/01/1997: Four Poems on Akasha
1/01/1997: The Wind Wizards -- A Child's Story
1/01/1997: The Sylph Capisi
1/01/1997: An Alban Arthuan Ritual Using the Dialogue Method
1/01/1997: The Dialogue Method with a Thunderstorm
1/01/1997: Writing Poetry Using Focusing
1/01/1997: The Cosmic Letter A
1/01/1997: The Salamander Orudu
1/01/1997: Balaam, The Gentile Prophet
1/01/1997: The Gnome Muscar
1/01/1997: Focusing and Transpersonal Psychology
1/01/1997: The Cosmic Letter E
1/01/1997: The Undine Amue
1/01/1997: The Venus Sphere
1/01/1997: Jacob's Angel
1/01/1997: The Wind Elves -- A Child's Story

Year 1996

1/01/1996: The Fall of Atlantis
1/01/1996: St. Patrick and the Elves
My Favorite Stone Circle on Mull Island

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