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Name: Renoult
Description: A part of a car Renoult, 512x512x8 Pseudocolor

Name: Peppers
Description: Peppers at table, 512x512x8 Pseudocolor

Name: Park
Description: "512x512x8 Pseudocolor; The image of the park with the lake"

Name: Ombre
Description: 512x512 256 Colors

Name: Omaha
Description: "unknown"

Name: Lincoln
Description: "unknown"

Name: LenaColor
Description: Very famous girl, 512x512x8 Pseudocolor

Name: Ktete
Description: 768x576 256Colors

Name: Garfield
Description: Famous lazy cat Garfield, 640x480x4 Pseudocolor

Name: Descent
Description: Snapshot from the game Descent, 320x200x8 Pseudocolor

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